Low Voltage Panel Boards

KIK Low Voltage Power Distribution Boards are well known for its Quality, Design and Development together with an exceptional After Sales Service.

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Switchgear Products

KIK Engineering offer solutions to suit ever-changing, Low Voltage Electrical engineering requirements. We offer Quality switchgear products....

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Modular Enclosures Solutions

KIKBLOX, The KIK Modular Enclosure System carries the promise to deliver user satisfaction at all levels.The design is ..

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KIK Innovations
Innovation is the Key to Success. In the Electrical and Electronics sector one must constantly make an effort to get updated in latest trends and technologies to stay ahead of the rest offering best solutions to the clients. This is why KIK invest both time and energy in developing and experimenting with existing models and brand new ideas.
The process enables KIK to be competitive and go a step further and introduce new products and technologies which would revolutionise methods, processes and procedures. We aim to promote a nurturing work environment that is of utmost importance to creativity, innovation and novel concepts.
The company has made several breakthroughs with its innovative team at work; some of the key designs can be listed as below.

Latest KIK Innovations

Versatile Enclosure System
In Electrical panel building, one of the key challenges is finding an enclosure to suit the need of the panel builder. Among many other issues, some major concerns are based on strength, versatility and flexibility. With KIK innovations at work one can be assured that the system delivers results exceeding expectations at all levels.  The design improves strength of the enclosure unit by a huge margin compared to the existing models in the market today. In addition, enables heavy duty lifting by connecting lifting eyes to a crane or other similar device at any hazardous location such as Oil Rigs, Industrial Plants, Harbours and many more. KIK Modular Console board is an innovative way of thinking for the panel builders. The system will allow various different angles and shapes and furthermore the system itself is revolutionary as it carries the promise of Strength, Versatility, and Innovation.

Here at KIK we believe that we are in a position to provide customers with engaging, reliable, after sales service facilities which would help the end user tremendously as there will be no abandonment or isolation after an order or a project is completed.

KIK continuously engage in schemes to uphold the quality standards our customers have enjoyed for over two decades.   Quality initiatives are adopted and rigorously enforced to ensure optimal quality in all KIK products, services, and solutions. KIK continuously excels in customer expectations and also adheres strictly to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.
We are determined to serve our customers through innovation, continuous improvement; an intense focus on customer’s stated and implied needs, and a dedication to meet identified needs within a given time frame.
KIK team is motivated by the fact that they are exceeding expectations of our customers. The main fundamentals of KIK quality initiative;
Understand customer needs, challenges and design, deliver solutions that help achieve business objectives within a limited time frame. KIK customers expect nothing but the best from KIK. Hence, we always ensure our decisions and actions contribute to a positive perception of the company and build brand loyalty.
On time Delivery
One of the greatest strengths KIK poses is the willingness and enthusiasm of the team to meet deadlines and ensure “On time Delivery”. This is one of the main factors for Clients to opt for KIK and stay with KIK. Whenever a project is in progress, the client always enjoys a sense of relief knowing KIK solutions will deliver on time with results. In addition KIK act as an enabler for “Just In Time”(JIT) system; which is not limited to the supply chain but be implemented as an overall organisational strategy which would help reduce cost, lead time, warehouse capabilities and many other aspects.

KIK Customer Care
KIK team members believe and recognize our Clients as our biggest assets. From beginning to end clients are constantly updated with the progress ensuring that the client is well aware of the status of their product. We are extremely flexible in terms of the choices requested by our clients. The products range from customized solutions to easy to assemble, simple application models. Depending on the requirement our dedicated team are able to help and satisfy your requirements.

Testing procedure for Low Voltage Panel Boards
The following are significant areas of focus for KIK’s testing procedure;
•    Comprehensive routine testing on Electrical Panel Boards according to IEC 60439-1:8.3 including Dielectric and High voltage tests
•    Visual, Mechanical and Electrical inspection according to our check sheets ensuring compatibility with customer specifications
•    Functional test according to Technical Drawings ensuring compatibility with customer requirements.

Test Certificates
KIK ensures type tested products for all the different types of products. The test certificates would indefinitely render more client satisfaction and would have the following details.
•    Ensures product complies to specifications and requirements
•    Ensures Product complies to certain conditions of operation such as temperature rise, short circuit, dielectric strength, Ingress of protection, seismic etc

About us

                               A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

The long successful journey of KIK started with the vision and the courage of a great leadership and amazing teamwork which resulted in incorporating the KIK brand in Sri Lanka and worldwide. The founder identified the vacuum at the time for a trusted panel builder with excellent relationship building skills. It has been the continuous quest to identify the needs and fulfill our clients exceeding client satisfaction that led KIK to where it is today.

Here at KIK, we truly believe timely change is the only constant.
KIK is a BOI approved Company located adjacent to the Bandaranayke International Airport (BIA) and a short distance away from the Colombo Harbor, making it the ideal location for Exports.

Our continued success in the Low Voltage Panel Building sector enabled us to carry out extensive research and development work into different aspects within the industry; As a result KIK was able to use that wealth of experience to come up with the ground-breaking “KIKBLOX” modular Enclosure System which is superior in Strength, Versatility, and Flexibility like none other in the international market today.

KIK Engineering, the first company formed under the KIK group functions exclusively for the Sri Lankan market. This Company undertakes the task of providing high quality switch-gear products, Bus bar Trunking and Cable Management Solutions to the Sri Lankan market and remains the trusted choice for the offered product range due to the specialized knowledge of the products and services offered.

At every step, KIK Strives for excellence and sets standards in the industry for its Innovations, Quality,, Flexibility, Client Satisfaction and On Time Delivery. Quality initiatives are adopted and rigorously enforced to ensure optimal quality in all KIK products. KIK continuously excels in Client expectations and also adheres strictly to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

In accordance with the Vision of KIK - “To be the trusted, innovative and flexible global provider of modular panel building solutions” – KIK’s focus is to provide optimum solutions for power distribution and control requirements of the industry whilst KIK Engineering  keep up with its Vision of being “To be the Specialist in Engineering Solutions”.
KIK contain an exceptional blend of talent that comprise of Engineers and other skilled professionals under the direct guidance of a visionary leader. When in pursuit of Excellence one can be assured of success, Industry recognition for KIK has come in the form of numerous prestigious Awards and certificates at every stage of the legendary journey as.


"To be the trusted, innovative and flexible global provider of modular panel building solutions"


In line with our Vision, we would focus on,
•    Exceeding customer expectations by providing ideal value for money solutions
•    Evolving to be a trend setter in our industry with cutting-edge technology
•    Engaging our highly content and motivated team with continuous learning
•    Ensuring mutually beneficial relationships with our source partners
•    Enhancing shareholder value creation with a sustained business model
•    Enriching community with our social responsibility initiatives

Chairman’s message

Lalith Kahatapitiya Chairman KIK LankaAs the founder of KIK Group, it gives me a great sense of pride to witness the continuous growth of the group creating an impact internationally serving our prospects with our products and services.
With continuous effort and commitment towards excellence, KIK group made its presence felt as a pioneer in Low Voltage Electrical Power Distribution boards and Most Versatile Enclosure Manufacturing globally and in being the most preferred engineering products and services provider for the Sri Lankan market.  I was fortunate to acquire the skills and expertise of a loyal, dedicated team; without whom the journey so far would have been unimaginable.

It gives me great joy and satisfaction to see the prodigious culture within the group coupled with mutual respect that inevitably passed on to our prospects ensuring a lasting relationship. It is heart-warming and deeply encouraging to see once a KIK prospect always remains a KIK prospect throughout due to the quality of products and services offered to them along with a memorable after sales service. I am ever so grateful to all our customers for placing continues trust and confidence on KIK.
We have had many remarkable milestones thus far and I am certain that we will continue to witness many more in years to come. I would like to wish and congratulate our team for all their hard work and dedication. I am confident that KIK will move from strength to strength as time goes by building more and more mutually beneficial, long lasting relationships with all our stakeholders.
Yours Faithfully,
Lalith Kahatapitiya.

Our Team

KIK lanka Office

KIK team consists of highly skilled, dedicated, dynamic and motivated professionals with expertise in Creativity, Co-ordination, Designing, Project Implementation, Operational Management, On –Site Management, Marketing & Sales. The positive attitude, loyalty and friendly culture we have at KIK has helped us largely to be the trusted choice in every field of operation.

Customer Testimonials

M/s. KIK Lanka Pvt Ltd, have supplied more than 35 nos of Panels which comprise of power control centers(4000 A, 3200 A & 2500 A), Distribution boards (800 A, 1250 A & 1600 A).... Read More

~ Mr. M.Saravanan - Hyundai Motor India Ltd

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