Abstract – Protection from fire hazards is a combined effort of studying and practicing the techniques which are used to mitigate the destructive effects of an unintended fire in a property. In order to minimize the damage created by these fire hazards, the protection system should proviron mily sport rolo high be erected according to the respective laws […]

Temperature Rise in Electrical panel boards

METHOD TO ASSESS THE TEMPERATURE RISE INSIDE A LOW VOLTAGE PANEL BOARD    INTRODUCTION In order to assess the temperature rise of the air inside the low voltage panel board, a method is proposed in IEC 60890 ( A method of temperature-rise assessment by extrapolation for partially type-tested assemblies ( PTTA ) of low-voltage switch […]

Did you ever speak to your switchboard design team whether they are considering the panel location and environmental conditions when selecting the sheet metal enclosures for your Switchboards? Whether you are using Unibody or Modular enclosure, this is an important question.   Take a little time to read below   Basic environment conditions that should […]

For low voltage electrical panels,  it is very important to know the service condition to Plan/conduct appropriate maintenance schedules.    Operating temperature, relative humidity, and the operating frequency of the circuit breaker are the key factors to be monitored. In this research paper, the author describes how to use his new development “Service condition Analyzer […]

Powder coating is a method of coating a substrate in a polymer powder via directional spray equipment. In this method, the powder is carried out of the spray equipment with low pressure air and the Spray gun applies an electrostatic charge to the powder particles, which are then attracted to the grounded part.   After […]

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